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Leisger Bikes, Bohnhorststr. 6, D-30165 Hanover, Germany

​​​Leisger MD5 Mountain Bike   $2599 MSRP

This is a new era when even dirt bikes are going electric. The Leisger MD5 is made to take on the city roads and tackle the off-road trails with full force. An advanced Samsung Lithium 36V/13Ah battery can go up to 40 miles per charge and can charge smart devices (GPS, cellphone, and others) with its USB charge point. The bike is equipped with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disk e-brakes, Schwalbe tires, Selle Royal seat and hydraulic XCT locking suspension fork.

If you are looking for an on and off road electrifying experience the Leisger MD5 is for you.


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​​​Leisger CD5 Comfort Bike   $2499 MSRP

​​The Leisger CD5 is designed for comfort and speed. Sit back, relax and take a ride in the city or on the beach with your friends or family. The CD5 Cruiser provides an exciting combination of recreation technology and power.

This model is equipped with a powerful 350W motor and extra wide tires giving you a smooth city ride be it on a gravel or pavement. The CD5 Cruiser comes with the LCD6 wide digital display showing the speed, distance, current usage and battery voltage information. The D5 battery has an integrated sine wave controller. 

Add to this to the wide Selle Royal cushion seat, RST front suspension fork, and overall ergonomic frame design and you get one of the best, most comfortable electric bike rides in the world.