Gerhardt Cycles


Providing Electric Bikes in NC and Southern VA

About Us

Gerhardt Cycles continues the tradition in E-Bike sales started by Neighborhood Transportation on the East Coast of the USA. Neighborhood Transportation sold a variety of early E-Bike brands including the “ebike” from EV Global Motors and the “Tidal Force” from Wave Crest. Gerhardt Cycles has the dealer service manuals for these early E-bikes dating back to 2003. 

Gerhardt Cycles works with the local NC-VA TEVA chapter of the nonprofit Electric Auto Association (EAA) to promote all types of EV’s including E-Bikes. Selected members of EAA-TEVA are sales representatives for Gerhardt Cycles in North Carolina and Virginia. Gerhardt Cycles and members of EAA-TEVA donate their time to help schools and local cities in NC and VA incorporate E-Bikes into the infrastructure. Examples include the E-Bike Danville VA Project and Earth Days in Burlington, Greensboro and Winston-Salem NC.

              Greensboro NC Dudley High School Students in E-Bike Class

Dr. Don J. Gerhardt from Gerhardt Cycles developed the training material used by the Light Electric Vehicle Association for the LEVA E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program. Gerhardt Cycles continues to work in the area of E-Bike safety and the use of E-Bikes for medical rehabilitation and athletic performance improvement.