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The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program currently consists of 4 levels of training and certification. The training was developed by Dr. Don Gerhardt and various LEVA members and E-Bike manufacturers. The training includes a copy of the "Electric Bike Maintenance Manual" ISBN 978-09-9905228-0-5 on a USB drive with video instruction.

  • Level 1 - A 2-hour basic training course that provides an introduction for technicians to E-Bikes, batteries, battery chargers, controllers, controls, displays, electric motors and wiring systems.
  • Level 2 - An intermediate training course that includes both class room instruction and hands on training. Students learn electrical theory, how to set up E-Bikes, how to solder, make electrical connections, and how to use multimeters and testers and to replace failed electrical components.
  • Level 3 - An advanced course where students learn how to diagnose complex failures and repair components. Students learn how to operate computer controlled battery analyzers to determine the precise capacity of batteries.
  • Level 4 - Students learn latest technology related to E-Bike connectivity dealing with software trouble shooting. Prepares the technician for the future as E-bikes become more interlinked with other technologies. Includes information from Eurobike 2021 and information on the Organic Transit ELF electric trike.

 The fee for the 2 day course for the 4 levels is $550.00 per student payable upon registration.

Schedule of Classes

Contact Don Gerhardt at or Tel 336-618-6980 for registration

  • October 20-21, 2022 - Danville VA Community College, Regional Center for Advanced Technology and Training, DCC-RCATT Campus, 121 Slayton Avenue, Danville, VA 24541